What Manner of Men

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I don't believe that a single event defines a man's worth. We are quick to decide that a moment of bad judgement or brief inexplicable courage decides who we are independent of any of our other actions. We are never one thing and as such cannot be typecast to fit into a mold that others place on us. More importantly we cannot do this to ourselves. Seeing only our good qualities will cause narcissism and damn our growth, while identifying only the bad can bring us to discouragement, withdrawal, and nihilism. While it is easy to see the black and white, we forget that we've all touched both sides and are all a little bit gray. We are quick to label someone good or bad after only a small glimpse of an isolated event.

We've all watched as culture has done its best to cancel others because their past mistakes. With everything online sins of the past can destroy a future. Lapse of judgement of a teenager will come back to bite them in adulthood. Men and women that have contributed so much can be quickly discredited for the immaturity of their adolescence. These are people that have learned from the follies of youth and become great men and women. While others continue down a dark and destructive path that ends prematurely because of their actions that led to their demise. They are labeled as martyrs and heroes when they did not choose a cause but unwittingly became the reason for one. Many great works can seemingly be undone with a momentary indiscretion while a lifetime of trespasses cannot be corrected on your deathbed.

I often wonder what i will be known for. If the compilation of my deeds through my life will leave others better. Will I be known for the sum of my actions or for the weakness of my flesh? Can those in my life truly feel a positive impact that I left, and will they view the world a better place because I was in it? For any of us, will we simply be label as good or bad with no thought of the other contributions that we made. We will be unwitting martyrs for a cause that we did not believe, or will we die on a hill of virtue and truth?

It leaves many with the age-old questions of, "why are we here?" Without this knowledge our actions seem daunting and trivial. It's through this knowledge that we gain an understanding of our very being. It will allow us to gage our thoughts and actions and lead our families down a path of dignity. It begins with a small understanding and is cultivated through continuous study, seeking of truth and willingness to live the truths that we find. It's this journey that will build that character which will overcome the weakness of man and thrive in strength of spirit.

What kind of man are we? We know that we cannot be summed up as just good or just bad. The type of man that we are depends not only on our actions but also our intentions, our thoughts, our strengths and even our weaknesses.

We can easily choose to forego the innate goodness that is ingrained in us from birth and choose a path of mediocrity, seemingly free of worry while others pick up our slack. We can continuously fight for a better world for our wives and children, or we can kick against the pricks and eventually leave our mark on the world that only Hell could be proud of.

Are we willing to accept truth, or do we deny it? Do we even seek it or do we prefer to live our lives blissfully unaware of the impact that light and truth can bring? It can provide the foundation that we can truly build upon as long as we willingly hold fast to these truths. It is the seeking and application of truth that will define us. For wisdom is the application of our knowledge.

We may not be able to clearly define men as simply good or bad, but we can narrow the complexity of man into a few categories. Man can be defined by their searching and reactions to those truths.

Are we the type of men that know the truth and choose to purposely not follow? With a perfect knowledge they still lack wisdom. These men are the rarest and most destructive of mankind. These are the men that could persuade angels to fall. They have chosen misery and darkness. They are far worse than lazy men as they actively seek to make everyone as miserable as they are.

We may not actively or knowingly seek to destroy good but are we apathetic in our search for truth. These men choose blindness over sight, reaction over being proactive and lies over truth. They may know where to find goodness but avoid it as they recognize what is required when they do. They are willing architects of destruction while creating a defense of ignorance. They replace hope with despair and goodness with idolatry.

Still there are many good men that simply do not know the truth. Perhaps it comes from simple blindness or not knowing where to find it. These men have chosen good over great, apathy over work and convenient opinion over truth. They openly justify their misdeeds. They may not have chosen blindness but have done nothing help them see. It is either a fear of accountability that had propelled them toward cowardice or it is laziness that has cultivated their apathy.

We should constantly strive for greatness. When we actively seek goodness with a willingness to follow the truths that we find we will be rewarded with knowledge. When we apply that knowledge, we will be rewarded with wisdom. These are the men that willingly work and serve independent of influences of others. They have chosen the courage to stand out as an agent of righteousness. They willingly chose the discomforts and hardships of today as they know the blessings of the future. These men recognize their mistakes, failures and weakness but know that as they overcome them, they are strengthened. They enjoy the work they do and are valiant in their efforts. These men seek to be made whole through Christ and are justified through the atonement.

At the end of our lives, will we leave a legacy that inspires? Are we the man that fought against truth, the man that chose to remain in darkness, the lazy and fruitless, or are we the man that sought truth and fought for righteousness? Righteousness does not come without consequences, but it eventually comes with rewards. We each have a path. Can we choose the toils and adversity that come with it, or will we choose apathy, comfort, laziness and condemnation?

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